CoD Points Hack

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CoD Points are a new feature of Activisions latest game released in the December update in BO 3. You can use these Points to get more items, better skins and probably you can become a better gamer. The Points are available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It is not possible to get Points on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, even you can use the Multiplayer mode. Of course you can continue playing Black Ops 3 without using the CoD Points, but using them can make you become the best ever.

With CP you can buy a lot in-game content on the Multiplayer mode and the Zombie mode. Unfortunately they have a price. Below is the full price list:

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Why should you spend money for CP?

Actually there is no reason given. Ok, lets be honest: Call of Duty Points are nice and you will be better, but spend money for it? Activision is releasing so many DLCs and every time you have to get them if you want new maps. The maps on Black Ops 3 aren’t that good though. I think this is a try to rip off the gamer once more. Thats why some gamer (myself included) developed our very own tool. It is called the CoD Points Hack. It is not working like a common CP Hack, this one is more like a CoD Points Generator. By using the Call of Duty Points Hack you never need to worry about CP anymore, because you can simply generate as much Points as you want.

Hate cheater?

I hate cheater too. AIM hacks, Black Ops 3 Prestige Hacks etc. are shit, no question. But cheating other gamers in-game while playing matches and cheating to get Points for avoiding to get ripped off are two completely different things.

Everyone should have the same chances!

Exactly! I mean everyone! Some children are using daddys creditcard to get CP, but how about normal gamer like us, who are working 9-5 to earn a living? I don’t know about you, but I can’t spend $20 just for CoD Points. Please have this in mind. By creating the CP Hack we just want everyone to has the same chance to get legendary items like everyone else.

What Can You Buy with Call of Duty Points

There are three places you can user Call of Duty Points in Black Ops 3; the Black Market, Dr. Monty’s Factory and unlocking Extra Slots.

The Black Market is something gamers already use with Cryptokeys. Users can purchase a Rare Supply Drop. A Rare Supply Drop includes a better chance at Legendary and Epic items. Supply Drops include;

  • Specialist Heads and Bodies
  • Weapon Camos
  • Taunts
  • Attachment Variants
  • Calling Cards
  • Emblems and Decals

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We were testing our CP Hack since December and came to the conclusion that its not detectable. Of course you shouldn’t overuse it and generate yourself one million Points. Use it accurately please. If you mind that you won’t have any risk of getting banned in the game. Right now this wonderful CP Generator is working on all platforms. Generate Call of Duty Points for free on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Use the Generator or download the Hack

You can choose between using the Online Generator above or download the Hack file above. We recommend to use the Generator since you can also use it on your mobile phone or directly from your console. If you need help in setting it up visit the How To Use page.